After a late start we missed out on all the goodies dropped by the sponsors so decided to have a crack at learning something. With all of us knowing different languages we decided to implement an Arduino, Python and Java stack (all native) allowing control of an Arduino sled-bot we would scrap together from dominoes pizza boxes and mint tin lids.

What it does

Keyboard controlled movement whilst tethered to a laptop

How we built it

With much difficulty, some duct tape and no sleep. Build process was iterative.

Challenges we ran into

We mistakenly connected an ESP01 to logical 5v and blew it a few hours in and had a hard time configuring python libraries for the second one, so we fell back on hard tethering.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everyone stayed the 24 hours!! Great team spirit in face of adversity and bytecode

What we learned

How to write in Arduino (much easier than we thought). How to wire circuits wrong, and sometimes right.

Built With

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