When I went to the United States two years back I was really fond of slogans for motivation. Then I made a slogan "I'm a Walking Miracle". Then a Miracle happened to me that a very good friend of mine showed me a video of Machine Learning that You can make a hand robot and all that stuff out of Arduino, raspberry-pi, and more DIY projects. From that day I started off with Arduino and till now I have made around 34 projects of Arduino.

What it does

My project, The Security system is like you enter the correct pin and then the green LED will glow on the breadboard and the LCD display will show Verified. If you hit the incorrect pin then the LED won't glow and on the LCD it will show Invalid Key. In this project, the main work is spent on programming because I had to define each and every action and testing the module as well.

How we built it

I built it by using the following components:-

  1. Arduino UNOr3
  2. 4x4 keypad
  3. 16x2 LCD display
  4. Breadboard
  5. 220ohm resistors
  6. 10k Potentiometer
  7. Jumper wires

... Then I programmed the whole project and then I tested it for few hours.

If you have to see the circuit diagram visit the link given below...

If you have to see the code visit the link given below...

Challenges we ran into

The main problems that occur in a machine learning project are wiring and coding. When I started off with this project I had no issues with the wiring part because I have watched so many tutorials of Arduino Components, There were issues with the software part because when you are programming it is highly possible that you will have issues while compiling. I used C++ language in this project but still, I'm not a professional at coding, so I had to include libraries in the project, and then it was compiled.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that my level of interest in machine learning is gradually increasing at a faster rate. In addition to that, I am becoming very good at the hardware part because earlier I used to look at the video tutorials and the circuit diagram all the time but now I know which pin to connect to the Arduino.

What we learned

Well, I don't know about 'we' but What I have learned that I made a new project which is now the Security Panel system of my closet. Also, It was a project that I was looking for the appropriate platform to present and I am very glad that God gave me the opportunity to present my project at the InsipirED hacks.

What's next for Arduino Security Panel System

I am presenting an Arduino Calculator at Def hacks Worldwide 3.0 and after that, I will move on to the Ultrasonic Robotic Car and Hand gesture projects because I don't want to stop doing this.

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