My boredom!

What it does

Two players use their buttons to move their paddles and prevent the ball from going into their "net".

How we built it

On TinkerCAD, using their circuit building feature. Code for the Arduino UNO r3 was written in C++.

Challenges we ran into

There were various bugs I ran into while programming for the Arduino since C++ wasn't my main language. Even though the programming was tough, the circuiting was much more difficult since we barely learned about them in my physics class.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's amazing how pong actually works on a thing that I virtually built, down to the wiring.

What we learned

I definitely learned a lot about circuiting and C++, especially the LiquidCrystal and NeoPixel library.

What's next for Arduino Ping Pong Game

I learned about technological design in my fast tracked course, and I could make a shell for this to transform it into a mini handheld console that plays pong!.

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