I came up with the idea to introduce an autonomous system in whatever project I work on. I have already worked on other projects using an Arduino but making a robot that you can control and operate from your smartphone was more interesting for me so I decide to work on this project.

What it does

The robot was fully smartphone controlled with a 3-degree freedom robotic arm that can be operated from mobile as well. As I also added my 2nd smartphone and manage to broadcast live video using wifi hotspot. We can remotely operate it around 150 meters even without seeing the actual robot.

How I built it

I used: Arduino platform, L298N motor driver, Bluetooth module for Arduino, Wheels, Gear Motors, wood, breadboard, jumpers wires, Gears.

Challenges I ran into

I haven't done anything where we have to send data remotely and you can control your whole robot. It was quite hard for me to figure out how to send data signals from smartphone and control robot on the basis of those data signals. I have to learn all how to program my hardware. I basically learn C programming which was enough for Arduino Bluetooth control system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I complete my project with my friends and get some financial aid from my high school and participate in 4 science exhibition and technology expo and most of all I learn something new that I was not aware of before.

What I learned

I learn how to use Arduino with our smartphone and how to built the autonomous control system. Learning bit of C programming was also an achievement for me and at last but not the least I learn to be patient when things don't work the way you want them to work.

What's next for Arduino mobile phone controlled Robot

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