Inspiration - From I tinkered around IOT built-in projects there. Then simulate it in an online simulator named Tinkercad. I tested them in Tinkercad

What it does

1. Measuring distance of nearby objects 2. And display on the serial monitor

How we built it

Requirement - 1. Arduino 2. Display serial monitor 3. ultrasonic distance sensor 4. wires 5. Power source We built an online simulator and tested code in it. We started with LED on/off code, it get passed. We then move ahead with the distance measurement code and it run successfully and showed distance.

Challenges we ran into

During the setup, I was troubled with wiring. Then taking reference from documentation, wired to the right node.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did it and the distance measurement code run successfully and showed distance.

What we learned

  1. About Arduino and its architecture.
  2. Setup and connect to computer and code.
  3. Online simulator if you don't have Arduino but can make projects using tinkercad.

What's next for Arduino Distance Finder

will introduce temperature measurement in it

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