Arduino C.A.R.E

Arduino C.A.R.E is an Arduino Controlled Autonomous Reptile Enclosure with WIFI connectivity is powered by the Intel 101 Development Board. It is designed to monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity settings on you reptile's cage as well as notify you when the water is low or the reptile needs to be fed. It was designed because of the need to monitor my snakes cage and settings while I was away at school. The system has four sensors, two temperature sensors to monitor the cold and hot side of the cage, a sensor to monitor the humidity and one to keep track of the water level. The system is connected to a relay board which controls the heat lamps, tank light and hummidifier. With the web Interface the system can be monitored and controlled anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.";

Open the google folder for all the code, a user guide and the cad files for the project.

Built With

  • arduino
  • solidworks
  • 3d-printer
  • laser-cutter
  • grove-sensor-kit
  • esp8266
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