In the recent hackathons I (Ruben Levy) went to, I noticed that not many people used the Intel Edison nor the Arduino Uno. So as a group, Zongyang and I decided to work on some small projects for the Intel Edison and Arduino Uno in order to learn how they work (from a coding perspective). This is the fruits of our labor.

What it does

Edison :Thermometer (Kelvin, Celsius, and Fahrenheit), VU Meter (measures amount of outside noise and changes colors due to noise levels), Touch Buzzer (buzzes at the touch of your fingers!)

Uno: Light Show (potentiometer to change light brightness, rgb led colors, and a simple traffic light)

How we built it

With some minor experience in java but none in c++, we jumped into the fray without a clear understanding of what we were doing at first. After viewing a lot of sample codes, we gained a grasp of c++ and how similar it is to java. We the proceeded to use our java experience to our advantage as we created code considered beyond the grasp of coding amateurs.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was using multiple lcds. This became a problem as sample code for multiple lcds for the Edison is non-existent. Our solution to this was to use another Edison, which also allowed us to present more projects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of everything. This project was a fun learning experience that allowed us to learn c++ in a hands-on setting.

What we learned

We learned about the minor differences in c++ in comparison to java (ie: #include vs. import). We also learned about circuitry and how they can be used with the Arduino Uno.

What's next for Arduino and Edison's Playground

Everything. As our coding knowledge increases, as will our potential to make better projects on the Edison and the Uno. We hope in the future that we can use this newly-acquired knowledge for projects that will help improve the world, but for now we decided that it's more important to focus on learning rather than creating.

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