Studies show that we should not keep our phones with us while we sleep, but most people use their phones as their alarm. But when we turn to use a digital alarm clock, it never has any good features.

What it does

Works as a customisable alarm clock.

How I built it

An arduino project kit that I received this week contained most of the materials I needed to complete the project.

Challenges I ran into

I didn't have enough digital IO pins on the Uno board, so the biggest challenge of the weekend was getting used to using a shift register. Fatigue also caused me to plug a sensor into the digital pin 0, which caused the entire upload process to crash. This took me much too long to resolve for such a simple error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building something that I want around the house that will actually be used in the future.

What I learned

How to interface with hardware that I had never worked on before with Arduino.

What's next for Arduin-O'clock

Being able to set the alarm time manually after compilation. 3D print a case to hide the ugly wiring. Adding LCD display for more information. Adding humidity and temperature sensor. Adding WiFi functionality.

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