The inspiration for this template was conquering the new HubSpot themes which were recently introduced.

What it does

It uses the HubSpot CMS and its Drag and Drop (DND) functionality to the fullest. It has 21 modules which have various customization options. Altogether these tools and assets allow the creation of any possible page you can imagine.

How We built it

We built it by first creating a visual design in Photoshop and afterward convert all the individual elements into modules. Afterward, we combined them all in the new theme DND. Converting everything into modules allowed us to have a modular organization making the process faster and its maintenance easier.

Challenges We ran into

The biggest challenge was learning the new HubSpot CMS Themes and its new interface, added options and new process of making. The first challenge was not creating the modules as they stayed the same but using the DND in writing mode rather than in the marketeer friendly front end edit (Something we would like that Hubspot would allow as a choice)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of conquering the new HubSpot Themes and having one of the themes published in the marketplace. Also, having a full functioning website with all pages rather than our previous marketplace submission which consisted of Landing Pages and Email Templates all single-page projects.

What We learned

We learned the new HubSpot CMS Themes and how to run and organize making a full website template rather than a single Landing page or Email Template.

What's next for Ardor

The next step for Avalarc rather than Ardor is to create more HubSpot themes and eventually become one of their top providers.

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