Do you find children annoying? More and more of my friends are family have gotten married in the past years and started to have children, and children can get annoying quickly. If you don't agree, that's fine, do you love our younger generation and want them to have a brighter future? If your answer is yes to either question, DomoBot is the perfect solution! It will keep your child occupied with educational material!

What it does

Keep children occupied by having a bot talk to them and show them educational material. No ads, no social media, they are too young.

How I built it

Ideally, I would want to incorporate Google Cloud Vision to help detect what type of toy the child is playing with and automate the process where the educational video is fetched and played. The system should help track child development stages and possibly suggest new toys/educational materials for parents if time is right.

Challenges I ran into

I built the presentation, but my unity built failed during compilation and would display the soundtrack of a video as of now.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I knew nothing about Unity, but went through a bunch of tutorials and decided that I can use Unity to help visualize my demo and went for it. Also proud of coming up with the idea and thinking through it during the process.

What I learned

Trying to build technical prototypes with programs and just being willing to dive into something completely new is hard!

What's next for DomoBot

Start learning about hardware and deciding on what's the best platform to build it on, and hopefully build a fully working prototype!

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