What if you could create an AR metaverse from any 3D model you have on the internet, such as your 3D NFT collection? (Or, if not, we provide some sample models of AR Doggy's!)

What it does

ARDoggy 3D NFT Camera is an app that lets you augment your 3D NFT anywhere and record to decentrally upload to Theta Video.

If you don’t have any 3D NFT’s, you can begin shopping for your collection to augment, from a selection of cute dogs! Let’s try out this dog. And apply some filters. And make a video. And… upload!

If you do have 3D NFT’s, simply select the first button on the left. You can either Copy and paste the URL (currently any FBX) to the 3D model or simply load a local model.

Download the Testflight or Android beta links below to try it out!

And you can TURN ON MATRIX MODE! (Etc)

How we built it

First, had to make Unity ThetaVideoAPI wrappers

The rest is quite straight forward. Standard select to augment app with model loading. And filters!

Challenges we ran into

Buggy logic in writing the Unity ThetaVideoAPI wrappers

What's next for ARDoggy 3D NFT Camera

  • UI/UX/Bug fixes!
  • Model Name will be updated with thumbnail of model and model name
  • Persistency in user loaded models. Searchable loaded models. Etc.

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