A brief proposal for the use of an automated system for the detection, elimination and reporting of illegal Robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission. The system uses a series of automated tests to determine if a call is in compliance with the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR, 16 CFR §310) and either allows the call through to the intended recipient or blocks the call based upon compliance. If the automated call is not in compliance, the system further automates and enhances the data collection and violation reporting to the FTC TSR enforcement database. The entire system operates behind the scenes with no consumer activity, except in the unlikely situation that somehow such a call does pass through or a non-automated telemarketing call that is still in violation of the TSR is received; in which case the system allows the consumer to end the call, provide the telemarketer with legal notice to be placed on their company Do-Not-Call list, and reports the violation to the FTC with a few key strokes. The system is economically feasible; can be introduced in phases with immediate benefits; and, can be introduced quickly when viewed in terms of other changes that have taken place in the telephony marketplace. ARDER - the Automated Robocall Detection, Elimination & Reporting system - is patent pending.

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