This project was inspired for the need to serve the communities around Chicago, specifically, neighborhoods around Chicago that are afflicted with the negative repercussions of poverty. As a modern metropolitan area, Chicago stands out as a global city that has a plethora of resources for its population that may be underutilized.

What it does

Ardent, our mobile application, was developed to service communities and neighborhoods around Chicago that are impoverished. In more detail, the application bridges the gap between Chicagoans within and near areas afflicted by poverty to unifying-community driven events that are held by community service centers such as libraries, churches, and educational institutions.

How we built it

The application was developed by using 'React' as a framework for application development to allow users to and community leaders to reach out to each other. Integrity of their usage of the application is maintained in 'Firebase'. Through the application, community members can view locations near them with a map view where community driven events take place from which the community members can volunteer or simply attend.

Challenges we ran into

The integration of the Chicago Data Portal with the map required much algorithmic discussion to optimize how such neighborhoods would be indicated for users. Additionally, utilizing a common platform for React and Firebase integration resulted in a lot of code to be analyzed for validity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From the development of this application, our team is proud to know that there are definitely methods of integrating technology to make a positive multi-generational change in communities in areas where neighborhoods may not appear to be in an optimal state.

What we learned

From the development of this application, our team learned that there are a lot of challenges that come with integrating tools that may not initially be designed to match each other's API. Clearly from the application, such an implementation is definitely achievable, so we learned that through teamwork (with the right amount of caffeine) can result in the development of an impactful tool for community members: scale-able to many other sets of neighborhoods as well.

What's next for Ardent

As an application initially designed for Chicago, development of the application would include the elasticity of the application for implementation in several regions across the globe. Moreover, data sets and APIs with demographics and an array of other analyze-able socioeconomic factors from census information would allow such an implementation for a larger scale.

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