We wish the world were more like an rpg.

What it does

It turns the real world into a playable dungeon crawler video game.

How we built it

It was created using the Google Cardboard SDK for Unity. The image processing is done with OpenCV and the animations and models are created in Blender. An arduino is used to track motion data to be used as input.

Challenges we ran into

Large 3D Unity environments require a large amount of graphical processing power, so the limitation of running the program on a smartphone occasionally caused it to crash. Another challenge was integrating the OpenCV library with the Unity program. The most significant challenge is extrapolating the approximate measurements of a space using only 2D image data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created an interesting environment and game mechanics in Unity and were able to process images and determine the edges of walls and floors. We successfully ran the application on an android device using google cardboard and were able to intake real time image data.

What we learned

Unity, OpenCV, and Blender. Specifically in OpenCV we learned about different image processing filter and how they operate.

What's next for ARDC

Integrating all the different components of the game, optimizing the program to be less resource intensive, and generally adding polish to the project.

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