Arcus Bitcoin Reserve

Create your non-custodial reserve wallet, and gain access to exclusive Bitcoin DeFi.

Your keys, your coins. Unlock Bitcoin DeFi by partnering with the Arcus Bitcoin Reserve.

Earn Rewards in $BTC and $ABR by investing in different Vault strategies.

10 Steps to Unlocking New Wealth with your Bitcoin.

  • Sign In using Stacks Wallet. (Hiro, Xverse)
  • Send BTC to Hiro address or use Arcus Bridge (future)
  • (testing only) Add User to the ABR.
  • Create your Bitcoin Reserve.
  • Deposit into your Arcus BTC Reserve.
  • Invest into a Arcus Vault Strategy to maximize your Bitcoin value! (future)
  • Withdraw anytime for a fee to Arcus Bitcoin Reserve Pool, or cool down for full rewards! (future)
  • Rewards paid out every 24 hours in $BTC or $ABR! + Addtional payouts for providing liquidity to the BTC Vaults. (future)
  • Fee's collected by the Arcus Citadel will be converted into $ABR. 75% of the fees collected will be burned every 7 days, and 25% distributed to provide liquidty to $ABR Vaults and Community Expansion efforts. (future)

A true BTC DeFi product.

Arcus allows BTC holders to keep control of their BTC while providing access to the latest alpha available on the crypto markets. Exclusive access for this exciting testnet coming soon. Stay tuned to @arcusbtc on twitter.

Tech Used:








What's next for Arcus


Host dApp, Implement secure reserve contract, vault contracts, $ABR token contract, rewards and token burn contracts.


Implement Arcus Bitcoin Bridge, dApp Testing, Auditing, Market Research, Testnet Community and Partnership Building.


Implement sBTC, Land major DEX partner and launch to Stacks mainnet concurrently with the sBTC launch later in 2023.

Built With

  • chakra
  • clarinet
  • clarity
  • hiro
  • next.js
  • stacks
  • stacks-connect
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