Our Inspiration to bulding Arcus is to improve Customer Service by integrating new Trends!

What it does

Arcus has a plug-able infrastructure. It provides users with self trouble shooting Wizards, Augmented Guide for users to quickly get guided ,after a simple scan of an Arcus Icon. Geo Location Information. Network analysis tools for users to monitor their network performances

How I built it

Arcus was built on top of Cavalion Framework which is a Development Framework developed by Cottage-It.

Challenges I ran into

Limited time due to 24 hour Hackathon to integrate completely the Network Analysis tools.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In 24 hours we were able to integrate our Augmented Reality Concepts

What I learned

We learned to not give up and keep working as a Team

What's next for Arcus

The next step for Arcus is to complete the features and to expand our concept worldwide

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