PROXIMITY is a new mobile app to maximize the business networking potential of Salesforce users at events like Dreamforce. The app shows users their nearby Salesforce contacts, and indicates how close they are physically at a specific event.

Key Points:


PROXIMITY features 3 brand new technologies: iOS iBeacons, iOS Multipeer Connectivity, and Pebble smartwatch to illustrate "The Internet of Things."

Business Value-

PROXIMITY helps Salesforce users network more effectively with their contacts at events such as Dreamforce. The app tells them who is physically nearby and summarizes key contact information and activity history. And with the Pebble smartwatch integration, key Salesforce contact information is right on your wrist, so no more awkward moments shaking hands while wondering "What's their name?"

User Experience-

The app has a delightful visual display that shows how close each contact is, moving around a virtual Salesforce "cloud." Relevant "conversation starter" information from their Salesforce record is available with one tap, and can also be displayed on the user's Pebble smartwatch.

Use of Salesforce Platform-

The app is built upon the Salesforce1 platform and uses to get the user’s contacts, and individual contact information and activity history, using the Salesforce Mobile SDK and REST APIs.

To Try The App

You will need 2 iPhone devices running iOS 7 and with Bluetooth enabled. WiFi is also recommended to be enabled with both devices connected to the network.

iPhone #1

  1. Go to
  2. Tap the green "Install" button to install the app
  3. Launch the app
  4. Log into Salesforce (use, ArcTouch1) to see nearby contacts

iPhone #2

  1. Go to to install a vCard for Nathan Williams (choose "Open in Contacts" and "Save" when prompted)
  2. Go to
  3. Tap the green "Install" button to install the app
  4. Launch the app ***** Do not log into Salesforce on iPhone #2
  5. Tap "Choose your contact info" and select the Nathan Williams contact card

iPhone #1 is now set to look for nearby Salesforce contacts. iPhone #2 is now broadcasting "Nathan Williams" as its contact information.

The app looks for anyone else running the app and broadcasting their contact information, and checks this information against the contacts in their Salesforce account.

Since Nathan Williams (iPhone #2) is one of the contacts in the Salesforce account used by iPhone #1 he will appear on the iPhone #1 display. As Nathan moves physically nearer or farther away, the display will change on iPhone #1 to indicate proximity.

The range to indicate proximity changes is about 50 meters, but could be less or more depending on the amount of devices using Bluetooth.

You can test with additional devices by:

  1. Install vCard for Tim Barr on iPhone #3 -
  2. Install the app on iPhone #3 and select Tim Barr as your contact info

  3. Install the vCard for Stella Pavlova on iPhone #4 -

  4. Install the app on iPhone #4 and select Stella Pavlova as your contact info

Now you should see Tim and Stella appear on iPhone #1.

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