Mental health has always been neglected in our society. The pandemic has helped us realize the importance of mental health and the adverse effects of exertion. A vacation helps in avoiding burnouts and keeping the mind stress free. But taking breaks in between a busy schedule is also essential. In order to have mental peace, one can start on a self care journey with minimal but constant efforts. Doing daily activities which focus on development and relaxation can build a strong and healthy mind which is stress free. After the launch of vaccination drives, there has been a relaxation on the norms of lockdown which allows travelers to visit certain regions. Travelling is essential to explore and discover yourself. Providing support for traveling can help in improving mental health too.

What it does

  • Arctic turn is a web application which helps the user by providing daily self care activities, relaxing music and a personalized notes system.

  • The webapp focusses on building a strong mental health foundation by prompting user with various tasks for each day which motivates the user everyday.

  • The music section contains playlists which can lighten one's mood. Music helps people calm themselves and hence a calm mind can focus clearly.

  • For marking daily progress and keeping a track of important things, we have a notes system which displays the notes accordingly.

  • Additionally, the platform has a travel section where the user can search for places to explore according to locations.

How we built it

We started with developing an idea focused on taking a break. We came to the realization that breaks should be a part of our daily routine to avoid burnouts. So we started building a platform which prompts the user with daily activities and motivates the user to take a break. Travelling was one of the major activities to focus on and hence the theme of Arctic Turn is inspired by the migrating bird Arctic tern.

We used HTML, CSS and JS to build the basic body of the webapp. We tried the Google sign in API for the first time to help user login directly. We used Google places API and Maps Javascript API for the travel section.

Challenges we ran into

There were problems in integrating with the APIs used as it was our very first time using APIs. These hurdles took a lot of time and hence it was exhausting to find a bug after that. Moreover, one of our team members was vaccinated during the duration of hackathon and hence was suffering from a high temperature :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the project in time, learning how to use APIs on a webapp, using csv files to import data and to have learnt a huge deal in just two days.

What's next for Arctic Turn

It can be further extended with APIs which are paid and improve performance. By analyzing user feedback, we can work on the user interface. We can focus on favorite activities voted by the users and try to provide them with similar activities.

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