Combining our love for architecture and robotics, we set out a way to create a simple and affordable drone that can autonomously map out a room using a ultrasonic.

What it does

It is a small land based drone that can map out the layout of a room by using its ultrasonic sensor. It will then send the data via text message onto our server, which translates the data into image overlays that can be mapped and organized. Because it does not rely on wifi, the drone can also be used in emergency services for surveying location such as in collapsed buildings and areas that have recently experienced natural disasters. We also imagine limitless application of the technology in other fields.

How we built it

We didn't know much about arduino and had to pick up everything from asking around and googling stuff. After building the initial car chassis, we had to assemble hardware components in order to build our drone, which included several shields, wires, and batteries. Lastly, after talking to a few people and discussing how the drone could be used for in emergency services, such as

Challenges we ran into

We had to figure out pins, how hardwares work, soldering, currents, batteries, and basically everything else. Also had to trek 16 blocks in the cold, just for a Arduino shield. #dedication

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It turns on!

What we learned

We didn't know much hardware. Now we know a little about hardware

What's next for ArchRover

Stabilizing and improving the accuracy of the pathfinding algorithm. Add functionality to survey the odd shaped areas without having to normalize them as rectagular.

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