With our lifestyles becoming more hectic every single day, it's hard to remember what restaurants you ate at last Tuesday, or what bars you went to last night. It's sometimes difficult to even remember if you went to the gym enough times this week. Archive allows you to remember exactly where you were. By combining your phone's GPS with sophisticated geofencing analytics, Archive builds out a map of all of the places that you visited throughout your day. As long as you have the app installed, a story will be generated at night that details what you did throughout the day. This story includes both location and times, and reads like a journal.

What's next for Archive

Making Archive more user friendly and allowing more options. Lifestyle management is a great idea for self improvement, but hard to keep track off. With an app that can tell you where and when you have visited certain locations (like the gym or the library), it's easy to expand into analyzing this data and giving recommendations to the users based off their personal goals. For users that prefer minimal interaction, we can expand on the intuitive user interface and logging heuristics.

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