The very beginning:

The best and most efficient way to improve your physical and mental health is by working out. However, the gym might seem like a scary place if you are going in alone. Whether you like outdoor activities, gyms or simply meditation, Fitness Partner will help you beat laziness and give you the best motivation ever which is a workout buddy.

What it does:

Fitness partner allows you to connect with nearby people interested in the same fitness activities as you as well as matching your workout calendar preferences.


Enhanced Security and user verification. Simple and fast sign up. Calendar to add your preferred workouts on your convenient days. User profiles include: profile picture, age, gender, and bio.

How we built it:

Mainly using Java through Android-Studio. Use of SQL on the Back-end side.

Challenges we ran into:

Most of our team is new to Android-Studio so we had to pick up a new skill quickly in order to contribute to the project. We had issues with layouts. Constraining layouts without making them odd was one of them. Nevertheless, we ran into some back-end problems. Since we wanted to have a cloud database but at the same time we wanted to end up having something to demo, we used an SQL database that required a lot of debugging. Despite the struggle, moving from basic Java to Android-Studio in such a short time was very challenging.

What we learned:

First, we learned that Java could be taken further than we thought. We also learned how to integrate a database within an android app. We also learned how to use version control within a team in an efficient way. We might have picked up some Designing skills as well, while trying to make Fitness Partner look the best it could. Finally, we learned that hackathons are more fun than ever!

What's next for Fitness Partner:

There are a lot of features we would like to implement in the future. We first want to add a "follow" option so you can stay in touch with whomever you got along with. Second, we would like to implement points that you accumulate by working out with partners, jogging or simply going to the gym. A futuristic addition would be to link the app to a fit-bid, or smart watch that will keep track of your activities and maybe even give you suggestions for exercises, stretches, etc... according to your accomplishments. Then there might eventually be a leader-board that will encourage people to do the best they can. Finally, adding notifications and using a cloud database would make this project very close to something perfect.

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