Wanted to test the capabilities of Bluetooth on a device.

What it does

A user with a phone can be accurately tracked in 2D space on the ground using their phone and three other "beacon" devices that use trilateration to triangulate their position via Bluetooth.

How we built it

Used three Intel-Edison devices and their Bluetooth as the beacons and a user phone such as an android that gets tracked by the Edisons.

Challenges we ran into

Very very difficult to get accurate distance measurements to each bluetooth device. Bluetooth kept dropping in and out and proved to be unreliable in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Was able to scan for bluetooth devices in the area and communicate and send data simultaneously between them.

What we learned

Learned that bluetooth is still unreliable when it comes to distance tracking because of inaccurate signal measurements and unstable connections.

What's next for ArchHacks2016

Sleep. For everyone.

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