Dr. AI

This is our hackathon project for ArchHacks 2016. We were initially working on a hardware project that was scrapped after realizing that we didn't have a couple of pieces of important hardware. So we created Dr. AI in the last 10 hours.

So what is Dr. AI?

Dr. AI aims to reduce the noise and clutter in YOUR visits to the Doctor. We are using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques/APIs to help sick patients get diagnosed from the comfort of their home. Dr. AI is a chatbot that will take your particulars and symptoms and connect you with a real doctor that will use our pre-calculated diagnosis to quickly and accurately diagnose you. If necessary, the doctor might also recommend the patient to visit a doctor in-person or a pharmacy with a prescription. For this, we identify the users' location and suggest the 5 best doctors in the vicinity according to the diagnosis.

Currently, we have a bot that diagnoses a patient based on the personal details and symptoms.

Working Functionality

  1. Talk to a Nurse Bot
  2. Initial Diagnosis based on the symptoms
  3. Probability of the diagnosis
  4. Best recommended doctors in the area

Future Work

  1. We are currently working on an interactive app/web application (with GUI).
  2. Create a real-time chat application that connects patients with doctors directly after diagnosis.
  3. Incorporate our bot to handle mundane/standard work (i.e. collecting particulars/symptoms, passing info to doctor).
  4. Come up with list of nearby pharmacies for the user.
  5. Greatly improve accuracy of diagnosis prediction.
  6. Create a prescription delivery system where patient can get medicine delivered to them.
  7. Create a database of the patients for a smoother user experience.

For the best user-experience and more accurate diagnosis we strongly recommend you to follow the following steps while interacting with the Nurse bot.

Usage Instructions

  1. Please provide us with your full name
  2. Please type in your gender as either 'male' or 'female'.
  3. Please provide the symptoms as accurately as possible.
  4. Press enter once to put in the next symptom and twice to see your diagnosis.
  5. Finally book an appointment before contacting the doctor for futher analysis of your symptoms.

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