Our inspiration came from a study about the negative effects of lower socioeconmic status on people's health. Two major underlying conditions that could be contributing to this are a lack of social support groups and a difficulty finding assistance when trying to break addictions to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and other things.

What it does

Our Android app allows you to create a profile and a campaign to break one of your addictions (tobacco, alcohol, e.g.). Once we know what habit you're looking to kick, we quietly monitoring your location and if we find you at a location that might tempt you (such as a bar or liquor store) then we send you a notification, reminding you of where you are and encouraging you not to partake.

The other side of our app allows user's to connect with their friends (at their own discretion). Once connected, you can write supportive and encouraging messages to your friends, which we store away for a moment they might need them. When we send the notification mentioned earlier, we'll also send the user a message from one of their connected friends expressing their support and encouragement in breaking their addiction or habit. We think this is a powerful tool because of the amount of influence that social connections can wield.

How we built it

We built our app on Android using Java. It also connected to our backend which is built on node.js.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some struggled getting Android to correctly communicate with Google's APIs but we managed to find a work-around using HTTP requests and parsing the returned json.

Built With

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