Originally this idea came about to track government expenditure receipts and payments, but it can be leveraged for so much more: track signed contracts, screenshots, active states of websites, pictures or any other type of digital data.

What it does

While on a webpage, the user clicks a button through an extension plugin that sends the website data to our servers to store a screenshot state of the webpage. The URL or ID of the data store will be put on the blockchain along with a hash of the data to verify it's integrity.

How I built it

Looking to build it on the Ethereum Blockchain, most likely using solidity and the web3 protocol. Might leverage swarm and / or some sort of regular server / database system.

Challenges I ran into

Deciding to store the full image on the blockchain or just a URL address to the entry on a private server. The cost associated and business plan would dictate this decision.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Simplicity and ease of use for tracking full blown transaction receipts.

What I learned

How to leverage the Ethereum for smart contracts / saving data.

What's next for Archchain

Streamlining it and getting Government / Corporate procurement agents to use it.

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