Working as a doctor Seb regularly experiences inefficiencies in communication that have lead to delays in diagnosis and treatment for his patients. In the most striking examples he was involved in cases where people died as a result of communication breakdowns. He began to work on this problem along side his work as a doctor and eventually, recognising his technical limits, teamed up with Rajeev to take it on at the scale that could have impact at the system level.

The scale of the problem is vast. Looking at healthcare from the inside you see the amount of waste is staggering. Every year millions of hours of clinician time are wasted waiting by telephones or walking around departments trying to find people. We want to reduce this inefficiency and give clinicians back time to focus on delivering care.

What it does

Arch is a communication tool which enables doctors and nurses to see real time availability of their colleagues and connect with them in the most convenient way whilst being simple, secure and scalable for the whole of healthcare.

How we built it

We built Arch through a design thinking processes applying the lean startup methodologies to create a simple product that is validated by clinicians and non-clinicians working in healthcare in multiple settings. We used rapid prototyping moving towards creating of a high fidelity build which was validated and has since been used as the blue print for the creation of two native MVP apps built in iOS and Android in readiness for the pilots this month.

Challenges we ran into

Being a small team we have had to draw on our personal networks to obtain the resources required to deliver the project in tight time frames.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have achieved a huge amount in 3 months working on this problem including securing pilots to test the software in two settings. We have validated the market and the product and we feel we have a strong offering moving forwards in our region.

What we learned

We've learnt that this is just the first step in a long journey that will take many years to realise. Whilst the future is deeply uncertain for our project the problem is not going anywhere soon. We hope to that Arch can tackle this problem in a meaningful way.

What's next for Arch Project

We're moving forwards with our pilots. Once completed we plan to gain our first customers and expand in our existing markets whilst opening new ones along side.

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