What it does

It brings indoor airport vehicles to your convenience when you're running late for your flight!

How we built it

We build an iOS app using the Google Maps API to simulate a scenario inside IAH. We also developed an Augmented Reality system for the driver to quickly find his passenger.

Challenges we ran into

The majority of our time went into figuring out ARKit. There were limited resources online and the iOS mentors had no experience with Augmented Reality so we had to teach ourselves most of the material.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of successfully implementing a waypoint in ARkit to any location of our choice. The mentors had a difficult time with this problem as well so we're glad to have figured out a solution.

What we learned

We learned that ARkit is extremely hard due to the limited resources of the new technology. It is very time-consuming but fulfilling in the end.

What's next for ARcart

The future is to implement the app in more than just IAH. We also have plans to pivot this technology to help the elderly and disabled with the same principles.

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