The biggest inspiration for us was the concept of what the future will hold for us and our coming generations if we today decided to bring the change in ourselves as well as society and accept our responsibility towards nature. By following the path of sustainability, where can we see ourselves in the future as a whole

What it does

Our project is the conceptual idea of a perfect sustainable city and community where people can live happily with good health and well-being. Through our project we want to give the message of how a environment-friendly approach can lead us to a beautiful and livable atmosphere.

How we built it

The project was created in the form of a website. We used HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript as the languages for making the project.

Challenges we ran into

As all the members of our team are participating in their first hackathon, this was really challenging to understand what we have to do and how we will execute it. We all are new to the web development technologies and we found quite hard to clear our coding errors. Also we had to face the issue of different time barriers as all the members weren’t from the same time zone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that with continuous efforts of each team member and their desire to learn new things, we were able to complete our project and display what we really wanted to show through it. Being able to complete our project was the biggest achievement for us.

What we learned

During this time, we being totally new to hackathon world, were able to know what’s really like to be participating in one. Along with that, we had a really good hold on our basics of the technologies we used.

What's next for Arcady

We planned to develop on our project by promoting more sustainability factors in our project and motivate the people to follow the path of Sustainable Development Goals. We also as a team plan to work together in upcoming hackathons.

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