Turns your Lenovo MUMT device into a two player piano board game arcade! Sit on either side of the screen and play this fun arcade-style dueling game that helps you memorize the keys to popular tunes and learn basic piano.

Select the song you want to play. Place the device in Yoga mode on the table, like a board game. Player 1 should sit on one side of the screen and Player 2 should sit on the other side of the screen. Press Start when ready! Tap the yellow keys to play the tune and turn obstacles into bonus point pods for your spaceship! Watch out - if you don't play fast enough, your spaceship will get hit with obstacles! When one player has finished trying to play the song, the game ends. Rematch or select a new song!

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Please help this low-key geeky girl win a popularity contest - vote for my entry to win the People's Choice Award!

(Feedback needed - I don't really know how to ask for stuff. How do you properly structure an "ask"?)

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