The inspiration came from the fast paced life, everything is on the go, from eating, to working. Our phones are the core of our digital life, and they acompany us. Sometimes, we have downtimes betwen checking facebook and the real life, so why not take a few moments to get rid of the stress and deconect with some fast paced games, that have simple mecanics that only require you to use a single finger.

As the inspiration stated, our game is fast paced and easy to play, beeing that deconection betwen real life and digital life. The game offers a competitive mode, for the hardcore, a casual mode, for the ones who wish to relax, and a practicing mode for the ones who want to hone their skill for the challange.

Thanks to unity and our C# skills, we will try to implement as manny games as we can along with the ui and scoring system. Photoshop will be our tool to represent visualy our vision

Time is the problem, as we wish to relese a polished product.

The game will be relesed once we hit 10 games, following bi-weekly releases of more games and skins for the game that are priced.

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