In searching for a final project idea, we came across an interesting looking RGB LED matrix. Our minds instantly sprang to classic, pixelated arcade games like snake, pong, and space invaders.

What it does

Our project allows you to play snake on an RGB LED matrix with a bluetooth controller. It also keeps track of score on a 7-segment display.

How we built it

Three arduinos were used: one for the bluetooth controller, one for the LED matrix, and one for the scoreboard. The arduino for the matrix has the main game logic and communicates with the scoreboard arduino via I2C to update it.

Challenges we ran into

The LED matrix draws a lot of power; because of this, we would sometimes get then-unexplainable behavior where the arduino would spontaneously reset. We solved this by powering the arduino more directly via its USB connector.

When making the scoreboard, pin 3 on the arduino did not function properly in terms of multiplexing the display properly. The functionality performed by pin 3 was reallocated to another pin.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented a soft-latching power switch that allows the device to be turned on and off with a single push-button via a feedback network of transistors. The arduinos are powered through a power mosfet and the matrix is powered through a high-current relay.

What's next for Arcade Machine

Ideally we would like to: Design a nice, laser cut case Implement more games and a menu Implement connection to the internet for high scores

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