Arcade Bank was inspired by a passion to help people save money or spend it on things that make their lives better instead of impulse buys they later regret.

What it does

The machine will prompt you to set-up a goal you would like to reach and every time you deposit money into your piggy bank you are rewarded by being allowed to play the arcade game. Until you reach your goal, you won't be able to access your savings, which takes away the temptation to splurge.

How we built it

We built Arcade Bank using Arduino, 5 I/R Sensors, LEDS, a servo motor and a display. The game displays a pattern using 4 LEDS and the user must match the pattern on the I/R sensors to score points.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our challenges were hardware related, specifically, power management and the loss of a sensor. We blew one of our IR sensors and had to improvise with another sensor.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We accomplished all of the features to make Arcade Bank a holistic working system.

What we learned

Everything always takes longer than you think it will!

What's next for Arcade Bank

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