I think for each one of us in our careers, this thought of getting your own start-up always crosses our minds at some or the other phase of life. But its definetly not as easy and attractive it looks like,needs lot of dedication, teamwork, ownership, and all you can give at once. But the factor because of which most of the start-ups don’t see the sunrise is the Finance. Many good start-up and projects are not able to even kick start due to the shortage of funds. Hence, as we are students of Computer Science we have tried to make a replica of a project which is targeted on the start-up ideas, which needs funds or sponsors.

What it does

We have a concept, where we can make sponsors meet deserving start-ups. We are trying to create a website, which will be the homepage for all the start-ups looking for funding or sponsors. There will be weekly multiplayer games, which would have fixed number of player entry slots. Every player will have to register for booking a place in a particular game and will be charged a minimal amount as an entry fee. So the amounts which will be collected as the entry fee from the participants will be added up and it will make up the 50% of the Prize money amount of that particular game. So, the rest of the 50% of the prize money will be sponsored by sponsoror for that particular game. This entire prize money will be transferred to the winner’s bank account automatically after winning the final round of the multiplayer game. Each user came participate in only one of the game which is live at that moment.

How I built it

Talking about the technical aspects, in the Hacknotts, we are working on website made by pure html css and javascript. A backend Server and APIs made with NodeJS, Express and MySQL. We are comparitively new to the computer science field, and we are ethusiastic about the project even though we are constantly improving our technical knowledge!

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