Our inspiration for the build is the scarcity of games which can be played offline on browsers when bored/disconnected from the internet other than the boring T-Rex game which opens up by default (Since 2008). Why is there no alternative? We also wanted to promote gaming across all platforms agnostic of the operating system(Linux,MAC and Windows). We also built another extension complimentary to the Arcade360 , which is intended to support gaming for people who suffer from color-blindness.

What it does

The product is made into an extension which will have the immersive 360 landing page packaged with it. The extension needs to be unpacked into the browser(as it is not released yet). The extension then has the hyperlink of the 360 degree, panaromic view of an arcade as a landing page. The page then has respective arcade machines tagged with a description of the game and then which on click opens up the html5 games. We also have added the code for another extension developed by us to promote gaming even for colorblind people , which alters the inbuilt browser configuration to display colors according to a range of selected color blind categories. We have given support for the 8 types of colorblindness through radio buttons inside the extension (no other color blind extension covers up all the 8 categories.)

How we built it

We used marzipano , which is a js library for creating 360 degree image based interactive web pages. The onclick triggered games are developed using html5 and frameworks supported by Facebook like phaser. We also implemented facebook like and share buttons,so you communicate and share Arcade360 with all your friends and followers.

Challenges we ran into

As we were not equipped with the methodology to go about the whole product , the mentors gave us useful advice that helped us a lot. We also ran into cutting down certain features due to the limitations of an extensions. It was also very hard to go through research papers and official citations to determine the exact alterations to be done for the color blind categories.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are a team of 4 and all are freshers , currently in the first year of our undergraduate degree. We were extremely proud when we ended up as winners in our local chapter in bangalore , with more than 130 participants and being judged by a panel of experts. We are also proud of our secondary color blind extension that we are planning to publish an official extension in the store of browsers to promote clarity and support for color blind people using browsers all around the world

What we learned

We learned a whole lot of technical skills and more importantly, how to recognize the actual needs of the world and how to deliver an impactful product from start to finish. We learned to value ideas and execute with passion.

What's next for Arcade 360

Publishing the extensions into the the chrome and mozilla browser store. We are also keen to publish the html5 games we have used in the project to the facebook online gaming platform.

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