Honestly, my inspiration is the video game track lol. In all seriousness, ever since I first picked up programming, I always had a passion for games in specific. It really fascinated me how they can make such animation. (btw I put lone in the name because I was lonely during the hackathon 😭)

What it does

My arcade consists of 3 games, and all 3 of them are playable.

How we built it

I built it using HTML, CSS, and JS, and in JS, a library called three.js

Challenges we ran into

In the last game, I couldn't get the spider to show. The bug is still there, and I need to fix it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making 2 3d games. I really have stepped up since my last hackathon, and I'm proud of that

What we learned

I learned different commands in Three.js and how to make more complicated 3d games.

What's next for Arcade

Possibly adding more games. For the last one, I want to implement a charity API for the money to actually be donated.

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