We are inundated with virtual desktop solutions. However, we noticed that they all share one same problem, they are too resource heavy for simple tasks. We decided to fix this by creating the ARC.

How it works

On a high-level, the system works as the user creates various custom watches and triggers from their desktop. The user can then access this functionality from their phone by making use of the ancillary Android app. By making use of an internet connection, the user can view screenshots and send simple commands.

Challenges I ran into

Throughout the day, we were constantly fighting against the clock, considering the scope and difficulty of the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Interfacing android and pc communication via a server

What I learned

What's next for ARC: The Android Remote Controller

We have the potential to add a plugin system for more precise interfacing with other desktop apps. This would mean an even more seamless experience for the user

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