Arc. is a digital media outlet and platform designed to help us create and share compelling human stories.

Billions of people around the world rely on digital news and media outlets to make sense of the world, yet the majority of these outlets do a poor job of communicating the human elements of each story.

Without this human element, it is very difficult for readers to fully understand the subject matter, empathize with those impacted, and, as a result, establish informed opinions on important topics.

Arc Staged

Arc. is built on the principle that each narrative should have complementary stories that focus entirely on the humans involved or impacted by the main narrative. Further, it enables nonlinear storytelling to interweave these stories and create a truly compelling read.

Presentation Slides:

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Clickable Prototype:

Here is a clickable Prototype made with InVision.

We ran out of time to complete the HTML Web Prototype before submission date :(

Key Features

Arc. is currently optimized for mobile, which is the most popular source for media consumption amongst millennials. It has a number of features to help readers discover and understand new stories: Arc Staged

  • Compass: Provides contextual, non-intrusive annotations within a story to give readers the option to gain a deeper understanding of specific items or events.

  • Rich Profiles: Help readers easily discover what’s most interesting to them, based on their previous Arc. activity, location, social profile (Facebook likes), social activity (posts/tweets), and networks (friends likes).

  • Living Documents: News stories often cover ongoing events, and stories on Arc. can be created and edited as living, breathing documents. When updates to a previously-read story are available, the user is presented with those updates in the context to which the user is familiar.

  • Complete Embeddable Support: These days, we find interesting digital content everywhere, and with Arc., nearly all embeddable formats are supported - from Tweets to YouTube videos to Soundcloud clips.

Our Story

Having a passion for digital storytelling, we immediately jumped on this opportunity when I saw a post about it on my Linkedin feed. I (a product designer) quickly contacted my two friends Hari Ananth (a software engineer) and Justin Megahan (a copywriter) and they enthusiastically agreed to work on this project with me.

All of us having full-time jobs we managed to tightly squeeze this in our weekends. From ideation to conception we collectively spent about 7 days drafting this initial package.

As we moved on from our initial brainstorming sessions and had a rough product roadmap setup, we faced the harder challenger of crafting our stories in a non-linear method within a mobile context. But at the end, with Lauren Willey's help on the story, we managed to properly elevate the human stories along side the main narrative.

Future Plans

This is the 1.0 alpha release of Arc. We have a fair bit of work and improvements planned for the future of this product and hopefully with your support and feedback we can take it even further.

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