Digital Farming Initiative (DFI) was founded with the goal of creating industry-leading platforms and solutions on the Chia blockchain.


We were inspired to develop Arbor Wallet and participate in the hackathon because our values align with the benefits of the Chia blockchain including sustainability, security and being environmentally friendly. We want Chia to be adopted broadly around the world so more people can experience the benefits of cryptocurrency. Our team has actively promoted these benefits to the community and supported the Chia blockchain by farming since at least mainnet launch.

The inspiration for Arbor Wallet was borne of necessity. All members of DFI are active in the Chia community and recognize the benefits that Chia offers compared to the other blockchains available. This led us to develop a simple, secure, and visually appealing wallet that will appeal to the masses and drive Chia adoption.

What it does

Our flagship product for the Chia ecosystem is Arbor Wallet, which will run on standard web browsers, iOS, Android, and as a bot on Discord. It is a light SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) wallet that does not require a time-consuming node synchronization to securely and quickly transact on the Chia network. DFI’s progress on this wallet in the last three weeks demonstrates DFI’s deep understanding of Chia’s logic and the development behind it in Chialisp.

How we built it

Our project started with the development of an API to interact with the Chia blockchain. We tested the API successfully as a bot in Discord and then opened it up to anyone to test sending mojos to other wallets. You can join our server and test the wallet now. link The next step was to build a user interface as a web browser extension and mobile apps. The final step is to send it through the app store approval process.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was merging the concepts behind the Chia blockchain with the development work on Chialisp. Getting the development team and the analytic/economic team to work seamlessly was not an easy task. Ultimately, grueling hours working side-by-side in the two departments paid off, and we have been able to overcome any challenges since then.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very excited to release Arbor Wallet as a functioning Discord bot with the ability to send and receive real XCH on the Chia blockchain. Hundreds of users have tested the bot successfully. We are also excited to have a fully functioning app for testing in Google Play with the ability to send and receive real XCH over the Chia blockchain from our personal phones.

What we learned

Through this process, we learned Chialisp is extremely flexible yet easy to learn quickly. Since the Chia blockchain provides the security for payment transactions, we were able to focus on creating the puzzles required for sending and receiving coins. Going down the Chialisp “rabbit hole” has granted us significant insight into the inner workings and wonders that Chia has to offer. The whole premise of puzzles with custom conditions and announcements allows for a level of trust, utility, and complexity not offered by any other current blockchains.

What's next for Arbor Wallet

We are in the process of submitting our apps to the Apple and Google app stores now and will release a beta version this month. By using our technical abilities and marketing strategies, we believe Arbor Wallet will become as ubiquitous as physical wallets in pants today.

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