We are oft stuck in a deadlock, two or more parties, unwavering and unyielding to the other parties. An arbitr, impartial and neutral, can quickly break up the standstill. Have a dispute on which restaurant to go to for the night? Let an Arbitr decide for you and move on with your night. Need a middleman to handle a deal for you? The services of an arbitr is perfect for this role too.

What it does

When a user requires the services of an Arbitr, they can request one with the App. The service then selects an Arbitr to arbitrate the user's situation. An Arbitr can be selected at random and the system would be able to recognize some cases where it would choose an arbiter based on proximity to the second party or the client.

How I built it

Arbitr is built on the wolfram development platform and deployed to the Wolfram Cloud.

Challenges I ran into

Instead of using a more comfortable environment, we decided to learn Wolfram. None of us had experience with the platform, and chose to learn it for this Hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we created a web service on a platform that we were entirely unfamiliar with. We did not accomplish a third of the goals we set out to do, but we did finish an app.

What I learned

How to use Wolfram and the strength of Wolfram as a speedy development platform.

What's next for Arbitr

Marketplace integration. Use an arbitr to haggle, or to confirm the delivery of goods.

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