A small look into AR on iOS


  1. OpenCV library files found at
  2. Basic AR Testing in Swift
  3. PikaMoon mini-project

Our original idea was to use facial recognition from the opencv library in an iOS app that displays user information in augmented reality based on the face of the recognized user. Installing opencv was very challenging. This process took all of 4 hours. Even then, trying to bridge functions from opencv to swift was even more challenging. In the end, our idea ended up being too ambitious to finish in the scope of a 36 hour hackathon. None-the-less, as a team we still learned a lot from this experience. Even if we don't have a finished product, we have new found experience and knowledge in fields we previously had no understanding of. Before this project, none of us had experience with Swift, opencv, Objective-C, machine learning, augmented reality, CMake, or Cuda.

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