Developers work hard. They deseve money. Advertising is a well known way to monetize on apps. Our idea is to bring in app advertising into AR apps via a simple SDK/API.

How we built it

We used open sourced AR Game, TicTacToe to build a sample SDK on top to show how to easily add AR Ads to any AR app. We used Apple's ARKit to help place context relevant ads in the surrounding environment without intruding the game flow.

Apple’s ARKit does a decent job detecting objects in our surroundings. We used an open sourced ML library, InceptionV3 on top of this to help classify the objects present in an image. We then send this information to our backend, AdServer that let us decide which advertisement best fit the scene. This AdServer serves two purposes:

  • Lets an advertiser onboard an advertisement easily, by uploading media assets (for example images, videos, 3D models etc) and suggested keywords for displaying the advertisement. In future, we intend to extend this to include CPM, Bidding etc.
  • We also built a simple dashboard in the AdServer that gave the advertiser insights into how the ad was doing with the given keywords.

Challenges we ran into

Generally working with AR and making sure that we have the objects oriented nicely into 3d world was extremely tricky.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We picked up a space which is not explored well and hence the developer support is non existent. In spite of that we managed to have a working prototype.

What's next for ARAD

Letting advertisers upload 3d objects which can be interacted with.

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