People usually spend some time on tracking their overall personal finance records. Moreover, collecting information from the credit cards, bills, loans, and deposits are time-consuming.

Although, we all know that tracking our finance situation is imperative. We often forgot to pay attention to it.

All finance applications are on the mobile platform, which means they need be downloaded to run and could deleted after using them.

Also, users are always afraid of the security. They are scared of being hacked or those app companies NIL information.

What it does

Helping user to effortlessly organize and virtualize their monthly spending based on their bills, loans, deposits, credit cards and debit cards.

How we built it

We use Facebook and Google social accounts to connect users to Capital One accounts. Then, using our high-speed data analyzing server written in Java, clients can receive information quickly. Angular2 framework and clean UI design increase the quality of user experience.

Both JavaEE-server and Angular2-client are not only written in clean and tidy code style but are also modelized for the future scalability and performance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app accomplishes the main purpose of "progressive web app", which enable users check their multiple finance accounts and monthly payment history intuitively without downloading an extra app from App Store.

What's next for Arabica

Add Withdraw, Purchase and Transfer histories into our app in order to increase the times that a user check our app in a period of time. Because these three features are instant data which a user cares about more than once every day.

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