One day I was taking a really hot shower... and an idea suddenly hit my head! Why not have YuGiOh! or Magic in 3D! But then I realized I was a poor University student so I decided with a cheaper virtual game, Hearthstone. Now that I think about about it... I've probably spent more money on Hearthstone than other games.

What it does

You know YuGiOh? Where you play the monsters and the holograms shows up and you duel? It's like that, except with Hearthstone.

How I built it

With sweat and years and poor man's Oculus Rift.

Challenges I ran into

As Murphy's Law states, everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting this done.

What I learned

C#, Unity, how 3 computers can't connect to localhost:8080

What's next for AR_HS

AR_HS2: Return of the AR_HS

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