We play video games like Fallout and Mass Effect. Both games have wrist devices which display data. The team decided to try to mimic it.

What it does

AR Watch acts as a digital watch through the Google Cardboard. Four functions can be selected by the user while one functions runs at all times. The first function tells the time like a normal watch. The second function is a weather function which tells the current temperature for the city the AR Watch is in. The third function tells the date like a calendar. The last user selected function is to display a Bing map centered on the user's location. The function which runs at all times is the battery indicator.

How we built it

The AR Watch is built in Unity with Vuforia and Google Cardboard SDKs. Unity is the main platform where everything is put together. Vuforia is used to detect a image which determines where Unity displays the AR Watch. In order to display data across the watch faces, AR Watch made REST calls to various APIs. The map data came from Bing while the weather data came from OpenWeatherMap.

Want to try?

You can download the .apk below for android. It will work with this image:

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