Helping scientist visualize complex 3d data from Nanostring Spacial Omnix study

What it does

A web based tool which support all devices from desktop browsers, smart phones to VR headsets, where scientist can create easy to understand 3d visualizations of their findings.

How we built it

Using Javascript libraries like a-frame and node js

Challenges we ran into

New to bioimaging and medical sciences, too a lot of time understanding what means what and how i can contribute

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learnt so much about this amazing field of study

What we learned

Same as above

What's next for AR/VR Visualization of Nanostring Spatial Omics data

A ready to use tools for any one using Nanostring spatial omics where they just upload their data and image file and the tool automatically generates all the 3d analysis in VR form.

Built With

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