We look at the old tradition of visiting card, where any person can write only limited details, so we think that this is not enough so we try to solve it, we make an ar app through which when any person can scan the visiting card then the detail will come on the card in real-world, virtually through Augmented reality.

What it does

This app can help any business person to showcase their work to their client in just a small piece of paper and an APP. Users can see the exact location of the person's business, the demo video, image of the person. this all feature is shown in Augmented reality so it very attracted to peoples

How we built it

This app is built with the help of unity3d, Wikitude SDK, and Augmented reality technology. Unity is the game engine and we use unity as an AR development. Wikitude is a mobile augmented reality technology provider based in Salzburg.

What's next for the AR visiting card

we try to build this type of card for the student. So that any college and school can implement this solution and made their student ID with AR.

Built With

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