21st Century we are facing many environmental issues around the globe. Especially in major cities we face city pollutions such as PM 2.5, water pollution, climate change, and other social issues while the population expands. "Vertical Farming" idea by Dr. Dickson Despommier of feeding the world in the 21st Century, inspired us to how the future of farming and food in the cities could be.

What it does

Visualisation of an oversized 3D globe which users can walk directly inside the globe for an immersive experience of our Vertical Farm in AR. The aim is to inspire people to grow more greens and gain knowledge of this Vertical Farming that are already underway in some cities.

How we built it

3DS MAX : 3D models SparkAR : animation, logic, music, particles, materials, lighting

Challenges we ran into

  • Manually arranged the different 3D lettuces into specific position, we firstly had a whole high-rise building built with the vege manually positioned around the building in low Polygon but it wouldn't work when we imported into SparkAR. So we re-model it into the globe with less lettuces.
  • Shooting the preview videos at night, the plane tracker were unstable and would move every time the camera catches a movement.
  • To deliver the highest and immersive experience within the limit of 2MB file size
  • 3D Models : FBX grouping became null objects when imported into SparkAR, scaling after duplicated in SparkAR
  • Submission for Hackathon : as it was our first time to sign-up for Hackathon many platforms and terms such as Github we weren't familiar with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team working of giving in extra overtime to enter our first Hackathon as a company. Turn around new 3D models and re-designed around the limitations we faced within a short turn around time. Happy and proud with the outcome.

What we learned

New point we take into account, the limitation of previewing across SparkAR other software even if the files are built in low-polygon for 2MB.

What's next for AR Vertical Farm

  • Close up of the farm stacks, tap-able for info such as the type of vege, the flavours, how each layers are stacked, the process and other knowledges
  • UI changeable to different oversize high-rise towers with the farm and greenery all grown around with birds flying.

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