The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled us to stay indoors. Although some industries were able to adjust to the circumstances, it has been very difficult for Tourism Industry. We at AR-Tourism have created an app where you will be able to visit some famous monuments and world heritage sites from your home. And we all know how bored we are staying at home and go out on a vacation. But here we brought the vacation to you.

How our Project uphold equality

Even in the normal pre-covid times not all stature of persons were able to visit and enjoy the Rich Heritage of our world, so we decided to bring the happiness to their fingertips. We built a free of charge application where one and all from across the world will be able to Go Around The World Virtually without spending a penny.

What it does

AR-Tourist is an AR-based tourism app. We give you a lifetime experience of travel from your home. Get our app to experience yourself all at the cost of nothing. You will be able see and learn about the history of monumental world heritage sites. You can also visit our websites to read travelling blogs and prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey after the pandemic.

How I built it

We build the AR components using EchoAR and Unity. I summoned the models from poly google and sketch-fab. I built the website with the help of

Challenges I ran into

There was a huge time constraint. And I had to manage a lot on my own. Finding the required models was an headache. However I was able to track down some famous monuments and display them. Using wix to create a website was completely new for me, did run into some problems but managed to overcome them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully used EchoAR to create the project. We also were able to create a fully functional user-friendly app. I am happy that I was able to use wix to build a website.

What I learned

We learnt the use of EchoAR. And was able to get familiar with wix. The learning was priceless.

What's next for AR-Tourist

We plan to develop and showcase more such monuments. We also plan to collaborate with travel agents and get you connected with them to make your experience a more exquisite one.

Try out the website:

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