The AR-T is a prototype of Online For-Profit Augmented Reality-As-Service(ARTAAS) Platform. We are aiming to develop an artwork AR/VR experience online marketplace to help artist create interactive artwork or supplementary interactions for existing artwork using AR/VR. Such marketplace will bundle with the main body of the artwork as a whole and the main purpose of such marketplace is to increase the value for the artwork. To ensure that the interactive element is not copiable or make sure it's only modifiable by original artist, we use blockchain. The inspiration of us comes from two things: 1. Banksy's Love Is In the Bin shredding: 2. Nintendo Amiibo. In the first inspiration, the meaning of interaction (destroying half piece of the artwork) clearly add the value to the original artwork. And in the second inspiration, it shows we can develop something similar like Amiibo, to allow a phone to let user experience more in the virtual world. We believe this app can fit the theme of this year, which is Bold Stroke, really well.

Built With

  • swift-4.0
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