This proposal encompasses the development, validation, and deployment of a new surgical wearable augmented reality (WAR) surgical education modality.

Commercially manufactured, pre-release, smart-glasses and custom designed software will be utilized to accomplish this goal. Smart-glasses include a wearable frame, which includes a semitransparent computer driven display, 3D accelerometers, digital camera, and Android user interface. A wearable augmented reality (WAR) platform includes the aforementioned smart-glasses with custom software designed to recognize what the user sees and overlay a specific image in a predefined position. This platform will be designed to utilize the 3D camera to determine the point-in-space location of the laparoscopic monitor using custom-made targets and infrared markers. Once this position is known, custom designed software will overlay an image onto the laparoscopic monitor. This image will include a video with figures demonstrating correct surgical technique in a validated laparoscopic task as well as informational step-by-step text instructions. The user will be able to control this video with their voice, hand gestures, or using the supplied physical touchpad user interface.

This application will be used to construct a digital overlay of directional cues, CGI surgical instruments, instructional text and images directly over a learners focal point while they perform complex surgical tasks. This platform is a novel method of teaching complex surgical tasks to learners that are currently in a surgical education program. This can be widely adopted by any potential learner of surgical tasks and will eventually be offered to the military as a front line instructional tool to help soldiers perform life-saving maneuvers.

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